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This is a list of all modules for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons edition (1e) with an entry on this wiki.

A module in Dungeons & Dragons is an adventure published by TSR, the term is usually applied to adventures published for all Dungeons & Dragons games before 3rd Edition. For 3rd Edition and beyond new publisher Wizards of the Coast uses the term adventure.

The coded modules were produced (1992–1995). Modules were also made after the code system was dropped (1993–2000). Note: There is considerable overlap caused by the transition period and early pre-advertising for some modules.

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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Modules[edit]

PublicationModulePublisherMin. LevelMax. Level
Adventure Pack II13TSR410
Adventures in BlackmoorDA1TSR1014
Against the Cult of the Reptile GodN1TSR13
Against the GiantsG1 G2 G3TSR812
All That GlittersUK6TSR25
Arena of ThyatisDDA1TSR23
Assault on Raven's RuinTSR23
Assault on the Aerie of the Slave LordsA2TSR47
Avengers in LankhmarTSR13
Axe of the Dwarvish LordsTSR1315
Baltron's BeaconI7TSR48
Bestiary of Dragons and GiantsAC10TSR136
Beyond the Crystal CaveUK1TSR47
Black FlamesDSM1TSR36
Blade of VengeanceO2TSR77
Blizzard PassM1TSR13
Blood of the YakuzaOA4TSR
Bloodstone PassH1TSR1515
Castle AmberX2TSR36
Castle Caldwell and BeyondB9TSR13
Castle GreyhawkWG7TSR025
City of the GodsDA3TSR1014
Classics Vol. 2DLC2TSR1014
Conan Against Darkness!CB2TSR1014
Conan Unchained!CB1TSR1014
Creature CatalogueAC9TSR136
Crown of Ancient GloryX13TSR710
Curse of XanathonX3TSR57
Danger at DunwaterU2TSR14
Dark Clouds GatherUK7TSR79
Dark and Hidden WaysTSR
Thyatis and AlphatiaTSR
Day of Al'AkbarI9TSR810
Dead GodsTSR69
Death's RideCM2TSR1520
Deep Dwarven DelveL3TSR36
Descent into the Depths of the EarthD1TSR910
Destiny of KingsN3TSR14
Die Vecna DieTSR1013
Doc's IslandR-4TSR
Dragon KnightDLA2TSR
Dragon MountainTSR1015
Dragon's CrownDSE1TSR1013
Dragons of DeceitDL9TSR810
Dragons of DesolationDL4TSR68
Dragons of DespairDL1TSR46
Dragons of FaithDL12TSR910
Dragons of FlameDL2TSR57
Dragons of GloryDL11TSR
Dragons of HopeDL3TSR68
Dragons of IceDL6TSR69
Dragons of LightDL7TSR79
Dragons of MysteryDL5TSR
Dragons of TriumphDL14TSR1014
Dragons of TruthDL13TSR1013
Dragons of WarDL8TSR810
Drums on Fire MountainX8TSR58
Dungeons of DespairTSR
Dwellers of the Forbidden CityI1TSR
Dymrak DreadDDA4TSR13
Egg of the PhoenixI12TSR59
Expedition to the Barrier PeaksS3TSR Hobbies, Inc812
Eye of DoomTSR
Eye of TralderDDA3TSR12
Eye of the SerpentUK5TSR11
Eye of the WyvernTSR
Falcon's RevengeWGA1TSR57
Fate of IstusWG8TSR
Five Coins for a KingdomM4TSR2832
Ghost of Lion CastleBSOLOTSR13
Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant JarlG2TSR812
Hall of the Fire Giant kingG3TSR812
Horror on the HillB5TSR13
In Search of AdventureB1-9TSR13
In Search of the UnknownB1TSR13
In the Phantom's WakeTSR35
Into the MaelstromM1TSR2530
Isle of the ApeWG6TSR1830
King of the GiantdownsTSR
King's FestivalB11TSR13
Knight's SwordDLQ1TSR13
Lathan's GoldXSOLOTSR46
Legacy of BloodCM9TSR1519
Legions of ThyatisDDA2TSR34
Lost Tomb of MartekI5TSR79
Mad Monkey vs. the Dragon ClawOA5TSR69
Master Player ScreenAC7TSR
Master of the Desert NomadsX4TSR69
Maze of the Riddling MinotaurM2/MSOLO2TSR110
Midnight on Dagger AlleyMV1TSR11
Mists of KyrnnDL15TSR015
Mordenkainen's Fantastic AdventureWG5TSR912
Mystery of the Snow PearlsCM5TSR1010
Night of the Seven SwordsOA2TSR46
Night of the SharkTSR68
Nights Dark TerrorB10TSR24
Oasis of the White PalmI4TSR513
The Spirit WarriorOA3TSR57
Palace of the Silver PrincessB3TSR13
Palace of the Vampire QueenTSR
Player Character Record SheetsAC5TSR
Poor Wizard's Almanac and Book of FactsAC1010TSR
Queen of the SpidersGDQ1-7TSR814
Queen's HarvestB12TSR13
Quest for the HeartstoneXL1TSR510
Quest for the Silver SwordTSR23
Rage of the RakastaTSR
Ravager of TimeI8TSR810
The House on Gryphon HillI10TSR810
Red ArrowX10TSR1014
Red Sonja UnconqueredRS1TSR1014
Return of the EightTSR612
Reverse DungeonTSR
Road to UrikDSQ1TSR47
Ronin ChallengeOA6TSR
Sabre RiverCM3TSR1822
Saga of the Shadow LordX11TSR59
Sea of BloodTSR79
Shrine of the Kuo-ToaD2TSR1014
Skarda's MirrorX12TSR58
Slave Pits of the UndercityA1TSR47
Sons of AzcaHWR1TSR
Steading of the Hill Giant ChiefG1TSR812
Sword and CrownTSR57
Sword and ShieldTSR13
Swords of DeceitCA2TSR1015
Swords of the DaimyoOA1TSR
Swords of the Iron LegionI14TSR115
Swords of the UndercityCA1TSR812
TSR Jam 1999TSR
Tales of EnchantmentGA3TSR58
Tales of LankhmarLNQ1TSR310
Tales of the Outer PlanesOP1TSR111
Talons of NightM5TSR2025
Temple of DeathX5TSR610
Temple of the FrogDA2TSR1014
Terrible Trouble at TragidoreTSR
Test of the SamuraiOA7TSR69
Test of the WarlordsCM1TSR1530
The Assassin's KnotL2TSR25
The Atruaghin ClansGAZ14TSR
The Bane of LlywelynC5TSR47
The Best of IntentionsIM3TSR2130
The Bloodstone WarsH3TSR1720
The Book of Marvelous MagicAC4TSR
The Book of Wondrous InventionsAC11TSR
The Duchy of TenDA4TSR1014
The Dwarves of RockhomeGAZ6TSR
The Elves of AlfheimGAZ5TSR
The Emirates of YlaruamGAZ2TSR
The Endless StairCM8TSR1520
The Final EnemyU3TSR35
The Five ShiresGAZ8TSR
The Forest OracleN2TSR24
The Forgotten KingRPGA3TSR610
The Forgotten Temple of TharizdunWG4TSR510
The GauntletUK3TSR36
The Gem and the Staffo1TSR88
The Ghost Tower of InvernessC2TSR57
The Golden Khan of EthengarGAZ12TSR
The Grand Duchy of KarameikosGAZ1TSR
The Great Bugbear HuntTSR59
The Hidden Shrine of TamoachanC1TSR57
The Immortal StormIM1TSR2130
The Investigation of HydellR-2TSR
The Isle of DreadX1TSR37
The Jade HareTSR11
The Keep on the BorderlandsB2TSR13
The Kidnapping of Princess ArelinaAC3TSR
The Kingdom of IerendiGAZ4TSR
The Knight of NewtsTSR12
The Land Beyond the Magic MirrorEX2TSR91,283
The Land RebornDLT1TSR
The Lost CityB4TSR13
The Lost Island of CastanamirC3TSR14
The Lost Shrine of BundushaturTSR810
The Milenian EmpireHWR3TSR
The Mines of BloodstoneH2TSR1618
The Minrothad GuildsGAZ9TSR
The Northern ReachesGAZ7TSR
The Official RPGA Tournament HandbookC6TSR48
The Orcs of TharGAZ10TSR
The Principalities of GlantriGAZ3TSR
The Republic of DarokinGAZ11TSR
The Revenge of RusakAC8TSR68
The Savage CoastX9TSR410
The Secret of Bone HillL1TSR24
The SentinelUK2TSR25
The Shadow ElvesGAZ13TSR
The Shady Dragon InnAC1TSR
The Shattered StatueDQ1TSR59
The Sinister Secret of SaltmarshU1TSR13
The Star of KolhapurTSR
The Temple of Elemental EvilT1–4TSR18
The Throne of BloodstoneH4TSR18100
The Treasure of the Hideous OneAC2TSR47
The Tree of LifeCM7TSR88
The Veiled SocietyB6TSR13
The Village of HommletT1TSR13
The War Rafts of KronX7TSR912
The Wrath of OlympusIM2TSR
Thief's ChallengeHHQ3TSR24
Thunder RiftTSR58
Thunderdelve MountainXS2TSR79
To Find a KingC4TSR47
To the Aid of FalxR1TSR59
Tomb of the Lizard KingI2TSR57
Treasure HuntN4TSR01
Twilight CallingM3TSR3035
Under IllefarnN5TSR03
Up the Garden PathST1TSR47
Vault of the DrowD3TSR1014
When a Star FallsUK4TSR35
Where Chaos ReignsCM6TSR1719
World of KrynnDL16TSR

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