Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a downloadable version of this site?

Not at this time.

Q: Why does the SRD only have one background and one feat? Why do the PC races not include all of the subraces?

WotC's goal for the 5e SRD is to allow users to create new content, not to replicate the text of the whole game. They encourage players, DMs, and publishers to come up with their own backgrounds and feats.

Q: Why is the SRD missing some spells, magic items, and monsters?

In general, WotC's criteria for what went into the 5e SRD is if it (1) was in the 3E SRD, (2) has an equivalent in 5th edition D&D, and (3) is vital to how a class, magic item, or monster works. For example, the 3E SRD has the delay poison spell, but in 5th edition that's handled by the protection from poison spell, so protection from poison is in the SRD. The following monsters are considered "Product Identity" by Wizards of the Coast and are therefore not part of the SRD:

  • beholder
  • gauth
  • carrion crawler
  • displacer beast
  • githyanki
  • githzerai
  • kuo-toa
  • mind flayer
  • slaad
  • umber hulk
  • yuan-ti
Q: Where's the experience point table?

The d20 license restricts some information from being included. Specifically…

"No Covered Product may contain rules or instructions of any kind that:

  • Describe a process for Creating a Character
  • Describe a process for Applying the Effects of Experience to a Character"
Q: Do you plan to add content from other sourcebooks to this site?

I cannot include content from any sourcebook unless that content has been released under the Open Gaming License (OGL). This site currently contains content from all sourcebooks published by Wizards of the Coast that contain open content. This includes open content from the following books published in the official d20 SRD:

  • Player's Handbook
  • Dungeon Master's Guide
  • Monster Manual

Hopefully there will be content from other sourcebooks released under the OGL in the future. When that happens, you can be assured that I will include it on this site.