Changes from the Official d20 SRD

All d20 system content on this site is from the Official d20 SRD site as of November 5, 2016.

Translating the d20 SRD for use on the Web has necessitated several presentational and organizational changes. I have not added, removed, or changed any rule mechanics in the d20 game engine. Here are the most drastic changes:

Document & SRD Index Organization

You’ll note that both my SRD Index and document organization is quite different from the official SRD. My intention in making these changes is to reduce scrolling, improve performance, and improve usability for reference purposes.

Table Placement, Labels, and References

In order to reduce scrolling, I have moved many tables to within the relevant text blocks. This has required changing text that refers to these tables, and in some cases labeling tables that were not previously labeled. For instance, I may have changed "see table below" to "see table" or "see Table: (table label)".