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  • We have a Facebook Page. Go check it out and tell all your friends.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Wiki is now part of the BoLS Network. You can visit our sister sites listed at the bottom of the left navbar. Happy gaming! More information here and here.
  • Spelljammer material from Spelljammer Wiki has now been imported to DnDWiki namespace and is waiting to be adapted into our wiki. Again any help is welcome! Meanwhile all Chronicles of Astinus material has been fully integrated.
  • Dragonlance material from Chronicles of Astinus has been imported to DnDWiki namespace and is waiting to be fully incorporated into our wiki. Any help is welcome there!
  • We have a new rating system! Articles may now be rated more quickly, easily, and precisely than before with our scripted 5-choice system.
  • All former DnD Wiki material has now been integrated here, forming the backbone of our Canon section. Facts, conditions and standards of the old wiki can be found here for reference.
  • The RC has been abolished! All users are welcome and encouraged to rate the articles that they like or dislike! More information on how to do this can be found at Dungeons and Dragons Wiki:Rating Articles.
  • Due to an upgrade related bug, file uploads are not working at present. As soon as they're back up, we'll let you know.
  • Most DnD Wiki material has now been successfully integrated, building the backbone of our DnD Encyclopedia. For the rest of the unreferenced material we now need to find sources. Any help is welcome!
  • Since the merge with DnD Wiki, all duplicates have been removed and all publications adapted, greatly expanding the Publication List. The rest of the DnD Wiki material is now mainly Canon material with a smatterig of other articles waiting to be adapted to Dungeons & Dragons Wiki standard and moved to their appropriate places. Help is welcome and encouraged!
  • It's a bit earlier than some people's annual cleanings, but we're going to do a Winter Cleaning! If you know of an article that is complete and generally good, but needs a bit of polish, please add {{Winter Cleaning|<some reasons go here>}} to it, filling in your reasons for doing so. This will indicate to the author and community the areas that you feel need work, allowing us to help bring the quality up a bit more. If your article has this template added to it, please do not remove it until the community feels that the quality is up to the standards we try to keep as a wiki. Please see Dungeons and Dragons Wiki:Winter Cleaning for more information, and happy cleaning (as happy as it ever gets anyway ;-) ).
    If an article is actually bad though, either bad for the game or actively unhelpful or whatever, then it should have the {{Delete|<some reasons go here>}} template applied. Unfortunately, it's not enough for an article to be complete to stay on the wiki if we want to keep our quality high. We should have been doing this all along anyway, but we got distracted early on with the completeness of an article over everything else.
  • We've recently forked from Wikia. There may be technical issues with some portions of the new wiki. Please leave detailed reports here if you notice anything odd. Important Note: Image files were not transferred from wikia, as there were a lot that had improper licensing information that we don't want to deal with here. You will need to re-upload any image files you would like to use.
  • We have merged with DnD wikia! Their articles have been imported, and we have created a new Canon section for them and general setting information. If you'd like to help with the process of bringing them into the new section (and we would like you to :-) ), please see DnDWiki:Introduction and Dungeons and Dragons Wiki:DnDWiki import.
  • We have a freshly written image policy! Due to consistent confusion and problems regarding uploaded images, all users should read it. Yes, even you.
  • Our first major hosted Open Game Content book has finally been uploaded -- the Dread Codex!
  • The 3.5e Mundane Weapons page has a shiny new look! Check it out, and add some of your own!
  • We now have a framework for martial maneuvers! Check out the first uploaded discipline, Chthonic Serpent!